Becky Heieck Executive Director



Becky Heieck
Executive Director

There is always a lot to do here at Jibe and Becky delights in the satisfaction of systematically categorizing and prioritizing projects, then completing them one by one. Inside the office, she is proud to work closely with Jibe's driven and creative staff and enjoys the positive environment they bring. She enthusiastically builds relationships throughout the region in the hope of creating lasting value for our neighborhoods.

Outside the office, Becky will tell you she's essentially a set of contradictions. "I'm not a fan of weightlifting but I do it anyway. I'm not a fan of summer heat, but I love Sacramento anyway. I'm not a fan of biking hills, but I've taken on Lake Tahoe three times anyway."

Becky is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Bicycle Instructor and has been at Jibe since 2007.

Mellissa Meng, Program Manager Bike and Bus



Mellissa Meng
Program Manager - Bike and Bus

Mellissa believes Jibe’s commuter shuttles are a great way to get to know your neighbors. “According to one study, people report they are happier when they have a chance to talk with people they don’t know, as they might on a bus,” she says. “Most people don’t think they will enjoy talking to strangers, but when asked afterward, they do!”

She’s an active outdoors enthusiast who loves surfing and camping at the beach where the sounds of the waves put her gently to sleep. 

Given Mellissa's love of coastal camping and the outdoors, it's no surprise that she herself is a proud banana slug. (That is, she's an alum of UC Santa Cruz.)

Mellissa is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Bicycle Instructor and has been at Jibe since 2009.

William Spangler Program Manager Schools  

William Spangler
Program Manager - Schools

William grew up in a veritable zoo of a household in South Carolina surrounded by dogs, cats, birds, fish, and siblings. While at the College of William & Mary, he discovered his passion for teaching and spent much of the next decade or so teaching English, world history, and social skills across four continents. Now settled in Sacramento, William enjoys organizing trivia nights and Ultimate Frisbee tournaments.

At Jibe, we’re all about active transportation, and William is a self-proclaimed walker. “There is nothing better than getting out in the sun, throwing in my earbuds, and listening to music,” he says.

To help prod potential converts, he says switching to more active transportation doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. “Start small with a routine trip to the grocery store, coffee shop, or restaurant. Even done in small quantities, you are making a difference for yourself and your community.”

William has been at Jibe since 2019.


Michelle Basso Reynolds Program Manager Communications and Business Outreach  

Michelle Basso Reynolds
Program Manager - Communications and Business Outreach

Having lived for ten years around the coalfields of Kentucky and West Virginia, Michelle knows first-hand the economic and social difficulties rural communities face. She worked in county behavioral health and coordinated media and communications campaigns that sought to empower communities and improve public health.

In 2004, she went west, moving from Appalachia to Sacramento, and has kept up the good fight ever since. Her passion for sustainable transportation, food, and farming practices inspired her run for the board of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. She served the member-owned cooperative organization for almost six years in various leadership positions including board president.

Additionally, as an avid bike commuter, she likes to push the envelope in terms of what constitutes traditional bike apparel, scrapping the spandex for fashionable everyday wear, heels, and business suits.

Michelle’s many years of experience as a communicator, with a focus on public policy, make her a perfect fit here at Jibe. She also has a lifelong love of home cooking, live music, entertaining, and rescue dogs.

Michelle has been at Jibe since 2020.