Would you like to learn how to ride a bike?

This series is for adults (age 18+) who have never learned to ride a bike or who have not ridden a bike in some time. First, we’ll get you riding. Then, give you skills and experience for riding on local trails and streets.

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Use our video series to start practicing now!

Level 1: Adult Learn to Ride

You'll learn the basics of balancing, gliding, starting and stopping, pedaling, and steering - with the goal of riding by the end of the class! You will also learn to adjust a helmet for proper fit.

We supply a range of bikes to try out. Everyone will learn at their own pace.

With our gentle, effective “balance first” method many people learn to ride in one session. If you’re not 100% there, you’ll leave with a clear, low-stress way to continue to teach yourself! (You can also come to the next session.)

Level 2: Skill Development & Trail Ride Clinic

Once you can pedal, this level continues practicing basic skills like starting and stopping, turning, weaving, and gradual braking. You will continue building confidence and bike handling skills with a short ride on a nearby trail as a group.

Level 3: On-Street Riding for Beginners

 If you can pedal and have ridden on trails, this class will introduce street riding rules and techniques and we'll practice handling your bike safely on city streets with a ride that includes intersections that present different challenges to practice maneuvering safely in traffic.


View this 3-part series which parallels Jibe’s Adult Learn to Ride class. Your host is Arlete Hodel, a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor who teaches all ages.

We recommend watching before you take our class. It is also helpful if you are trying to learn to ride at home. We use similar techniques to teach young children and youths.

Make sure to check out the final video for the easiest way to get on your bike!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Extra: Mounting Your Bike