Jibe's Earn-a-Bike program seeks to increase bicycle ridership, reduce car trips, and help swap vehicle trips for bicycle trips. This program is for cyclists 18 and over who live or work in North Natomas and want to use a bicycle to get to work, take their kids to school, visit friends, run errands...you name it.

This free 14-hour course covers topics in three main areas: bike maintenance, bike handling, and traffic skills. It includes both classroom lessons and bike riding on city streets. Participants strategize with classmates to design personalized plans on how to make bikes an easy, fun, and energizing part of life! You can bring your own bike or a range of bikes are made available for use by participants during the course.

This class is intended for people who will be able to replace car trips with bike trips for commuting, shopping, and social activities.

Class participants will do group bike rides of 5-10 miles, riding uninterrupted for 60 minutes at a moderate pace together. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate riders who cannot meet that requirement. If you are unable to meet these requirements or need to boost your riding skills before taking this class, please see our Adult Learn to Ride class and consider applying to Earn-a-Bike next year.

Applications for Earn-a-Bike are now closed! Please subscribe to our newsletter to find out when this program will be offered again.

Program Guidelines:
1.    To be eligible, participants must:

Live or work in North Natomas
Be at least 18 years old
Be able to ride a bike for 1.5 hours.
Pledge to replace car trips with bicycle trips
Complete two follow-up surveys following completion of program – one at 6 months and one at 12 months (via emailed weblink).
Complete ALL 4 sessions of the 14-hour course
Certify that the applicant/participant will be the primary user of the bike/gear purchased with the voucher/reimbursement provided by Jibe.

2.    Upon completion of all sessions, participants will receive either a voucher or reimbursement for a bicycle or bicycle accessories at a local bike shop, for up to $450.

For questions, please contact Anya McCann at (916) 419-9955, or anya@jibe.org.