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Welcome to the Walktober Jibe Student Challenge! Here you can track your walking and biking trips, challenge friends, complete your Walktober Passport, and earn prizes. Keep your eye on the Updates section as it will feature 9 different challenges throughout the month. Complete each challenge to earn a letter. Once you have all 9 letters, unscramble them to figure out the mystery word.

Looking for even more fun ways to celebrate Walktober? Visit our partner Write To Lead and participate in The Write Way challenge.

Email William@jibe.org with any questions.


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# Name Trips
1 Karunya Charan Reddy L. 269
2 Vincent C. 243
3 Antonio C. 217
4 Kiyomi Z. 186
5 Liam R. 177
6 Donavan C. 166
7 Riley K. 161
8 Isabel B. 161
9 Gabriella C. 132
10 Declan W. 130

Latest Updates

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Boom! Badge for costume pics!
Post a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume to unlock the next Walktober passport badge! More...
Everyone knows there are 12 months in a year. But, did you know that logging 12 trips in Walktober will unlock your next badge? More...
Eight is Pretty Great!
If you've logged a trip for a total of eight days in October, then you have unlocked the next letter of your Walktober passport! More...