Free Transit For Cleaner Air

Since transportation is the single biggest source of air pollution in our state, we invite community members who work or live in North Natomas to take the California Clean Air Pledge and get a FREE $20 Connect Card. Connect Cards are used to pay transit fares for all SacRT bus (including SmaRT Ride) and light rail services.

Additionally, Connect Cards can be used on other transit agencies such as El Dorado Transit, Etran, Folsom Stage Line, Placer County Transit, Roseville Transit, SCT/Link, Yolobus, Yuba-Sutter Transit.

Plan your bus trip! SacRT bus routes in North Natomas include:

🚍Route 11 - Natomas to Downtown and Land Park

🚍Route 13 - Natomas to Arden

🚍Route 113 - Truxel and Gateway Park to Arden / Del Paso

🚍SmaRT Ride in Natomas

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