Connectivity Projects

North Natomas has a good and extensive network of off-street trails and bike lanes, providing many on-bike opportunities, no matter if you are a novice or expert rider. But good can get better. We work with city and county officials to make improvements to current infrastructure and influence new development, sometimes helping to fund those improvements.

San Juan Road Crossing

The West Canal Bike Trail (hasn't officially been named yet) intersects at San Juan Road where the road bends and autos are fast. This signalized crossing allows cyclists and pedestrians a safer way to cross due to the light, crosswalk and a paved path with streets lights on the north side of the road. 



Jackrabbit Trail

This four-mile vital link, recently named Jackrabbit Trail, runs north/south through the "spine" of our neighborhood and follows the East Drain Canal. Because of its placement and the population along it, it was a natural for us to claim it as a top priority for fixing. 

The last mile was finally completed in 2015 and runs from Cal Family Fitness to Airport Road.  

Newly completed in 2018, was the installation of the pedestrian activated signal, crosswalk, median cuts and curb restructuring at Del Paso Road.

Another link along Jackrabbit Trail was completed south of Arena Blvd, which now allows access to businesses at Natomas Crossing Business Center. Several barriers existed and this is one example of mobility made better. Fencing was removed, trailhead reconstructed, and pavement widen at Airport Road.


Del Paso Sidewalk Completion

A small, yet vital, section of sidewalk.


Redbud Trail

This scenic trail links several small parks and leads to the North Natomas Regional Park on the south. Numerous school kids use it to bike and walk to school. The trailhead was awkward at best, and now is much easier to navigate.