Catch caterpillars, tell a joke, make a friend, plan a party, talk about a movie, hear about a good book, wave to a neighbor, share a secret, run from a barking dog, race to the corner.

Our goal is to make walking and biking to school the easiest choice for students and their families. Jibe to School programs help students develop healthy habits, as well as reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

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Special Campaigns

Throughout the school year, Jibe creates campaigns, challenges and promotions to re-energize students and encourage more kids to walk or bike to school.

Walk to School Day Celebrations

This international campaign gives children, parents, teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global movement to celebrate the benefits of walking. We host breakfast parties for participating students and families at our program schools.


This month-long campaign celebrates and awards children for ditching the car and walking to school. Students track the number of trips they walk to school with a school goal to "walk" the length of the United States.

Polar Bear March

This springtime challenge inspires and empowers students to make positive environmental change. The grade level with the highest percentage of students walking to school will celebrate by "adopting" a polar bear through the organization Polar Bears International.

May is Bike Month

This regional campaign encourages people to choose bicycling for all types of trips, including work, school, errands, and recreation. Students and teachers record their trips, and students who have ridden receive a prize. All schools in North Natomas are entered into the region-wide competition on North Natomas schools are always ranked at the top!