Jibe to School

This program benefits our entire community by minimizing the traffic and long drop off lines that are commonplace during the school year. Student participants experience an increased sense of emotional and physical well-being when walking, biking, and rolling to school, while parents gain peace of mind knowing they will be notified when their child is scanned in at the school's entrance.

Connect with your school's program coordinator and participate.

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H. Allen Hight
Program Coordinator: Laura Stone
Info here
Natomas Park
Program Coordinator: Victoria Rodrigues
Info here
Natomas Charter
Program Coordinator: Cheryl Navasca
Info here
Program Coordinator: Amber Huber
Info here      
Paso Verde
Program Coordinator: Valerie Glazier
Info here
Regency Park
Program Coordinator: Rachelle Ahmad
Info here
Star Academy
Program Coordinator: Czarmaine Almoradie

Info here

Westlake Charter
Program Coordinator: Erica Zanghi
Info here
Witter Ranch
Program Coordinator: Angelina Lopez
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