Bike Tech at Inderkum High School

In this class, students experience a comprehensive bicycle education that covers the wide range of opportunities available within the bike industry. The year-long course teaches the mechanical fundamentals of bicycle assembly and repair, and fosters safe cycling habits, environmental awareness, and healthy living. The curriculum includes in-class demonstrations, hands-on mechanical practice, bicycle riding, guest speakers, and field trips to introduce students to bike culture and career options. Bicycles can be a vehicle for exploration and change, and this class will help students connect to a world of possibilities and employment pathways.

Elle Steele

Jibe is pleased to introduce our new Bike Tech teacher Elle Steele. Elle says she’s always loved bikes but didn’t grow up in a bike-friendly city, so she didn’t get into riding until her college days. Since then, biking has become a way of life. She even rode 600 miles with her son once when he was just 10 months old. Today they live car-free and get around mainly by bicycle.

Elle has been teaching bicycle education since 2013 and even helped create Trips for Kids Sacramento, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing bicycling excursions to underserved students. She says active transportation is often easier than people think. “With a little bit of encouragement and planning, biking can take the stress out of getting around.” 

Elle likes to think she doesn’t fit anyone’s preconceived notion of what a bike mechanic ought to look like. “I’m proud of the work I do as a mechanic,” says Elle. “I like to show people there isn’t anything mysterious about fixing and riding bikes. Anyone can do it with a supportive community and instruction.”

Elle and Bike Tech were featured in an ABC10 news segment featuring strong inspirational women. Check it out!