Project Ride Smart

Project Ride Smart is a 5th grade driver's education program – on bikes. This comprehensive program teaches traffic principles and on-bike handling skills. The 10-hour course culminates with street rides on their local neighborhood streets. Project Ride Smart is taught by certified bike instructors.

Companion Video

Meet Derek and Ella: two super savvy teens paving the way to bike safety via Project Ride Smart, a 10 part video series that teaches kids critical biking knowledge!

This video trains youth on essential facts about the laws and rules of the road.  After completing the video, kids will understand the fundamentals like riding on the street versus the sidewalk; right-of-way rules and how to navigate intersections.   This video is most appropriate for ages 9–14, and is segmented into ten chapters.

    1. The Five Rules of the Road
    2. Bike Culture
    3. Bike Parts
    4. Street or Sidewalk?
    5. Anatomy of an Intersection
    6. Right-of-Way Rules
    7. Riding Through an Intersection
    8. Roundabouts and Yield
    9. Crashes
    10. Riding with Friends & Planning Your Route

What's the best way to honor kids' freedom on two wheels? Give them an education that sticks - one that inspires them to learn the rules, remember the rules and obey the rules!


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