Transportation shuttle bus service to downtown Sacramento from North Natomas

Due to low ridership, Jibe Express has temporarily suspended all service.

Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) continues to operate bus lines that serve the North Natomas area

SacRT Route 11 North Natomas/Land Park

SacRT Route 13 Natomas/Arden

SacRT Route 113 North Market Commuter

Corner-to-corner SmaRT Ride service in the Natomas - North Sacramento Area


Bus Service to Downtown
Emergency Ride Home
Getting Around Town
Other SacRT Bus Options

Emergency Ride Home

Need to get home in a pinch?

We offer an Emergency Ride Home for all commuters who use a commute alternative (Jibe Express, SacRT, bike, walk, carpool or vanpool) and are registered with Sac Region 511 and the Express Riders network.

Eligible users will be issued a voucher for use with Yellow Cab Company (for trips under 20 miles, or if you are too ill to drive) or through Enterprise Rent-A-Car (for trips over 20 miles). Jibe will cover the entire cost for a taxi or rental car, up to five times a year.

Valid Uses of the Emergency Ride Home Program:

  • An immediate family member has an emergency
  • A serious problem arises at your child's school or daycare
  • Fire or burglary damages your home
  • You are sick and can't wait for your normal ride home
  • Your carpool or vanpool partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home
  • Unscheduled, supervisor-approved overtime

The Emergency Ride Home Program May NOT Be Used For:

  • Personal errands
  • Business travel
  • Job-related injuries
  • Natural disasters (floods)
  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Missed ride home (vanpool, bus)
  • Other reasons deemed invalid by the program administrator


Regional Transit Bus Options

Taking the bus to work provides a great opportunity to catch up on a book, save some money, and reduce the stress of driving in traffic.


Plan Your Trip


SacRT Bus Service in North Natomas

Currently, there are four Sacramento Regional Transit bus options that run in North Natomas. 

Route 11 - Natomas / Land Park Route 13 - Natomas / Arden Route 113 - North Market Commuter SmaRT Ride

Online Trip Planners

Trip planning can be as easy as just a few clicks. Pro Tip: It's always a good idea to check the schedule from the service provider to make sure you have the most up-to date information. 

SacRegion511.org SacRT Trip Planner Google Maps 

Request a Map

Hand-held maps are a great resource to keep in your back pocket.

SacRT System Map      

Talk To a Human

Sometimes you just need to talk it out with someone who knows the ins and outs. 

Jibe Office: (916)-419-9955

SacRT Customer Service: (916) 321- BUSS (2877)


Get to the Bus Stop


Did you know that people who take transit walk more and are generally more active than those who drive? Most people underestimate walkability; it takes the average person about 20 minutes to walk one mile. 

Bring Your Bike

All transit in North Natomas is equipped with three-position bike racks. 

Bikes On Buses


Drive your car, park it, and hop on transit. 

Park-and-Ride Locations


Track the Bus

Need real-time information about bus arrivals, departures, and locations? 

SacRT Mobile Site        Bus Tracker


Fare Information

There are many fare options, as well as a variety of ways to pay. Be sure to check with your employer for any transit benefits they may offer.

SacRT Fares & Passes        Purchasing Options


Connections and Other Services

These services can help get you to where you need to go. 

Paratransit Folsom Stage Line 
SmaRT Ride SCT/Link 
El Dorado Transit Yolobus
e-Tran  Yuba Sutter Transit