Program Guidelines and Exclusions

Grant Guidelines: 

  • Program only open to business owners, commercial property owners, or property managers in North Natomas. 
  • Funds are for future projects and will be reimbursed upon completion. Funds will not be awarded retroactively. 
  • Awards will only be provided to projects that foster transportation behaviors that enhance the North Natomas community through advocacy, programs, placemaking, education, or services. 
  • Awards will not be provided to projects that are a condition for building approval or a TMP requirement for the project.  
  • All proposed infrastructure projects must be approved by property managers/owners. 
  • Applicants may only complete and submit one application for each project. 
  • All grant recipients must complete Jibe’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide information about the proposed project. 
  • Funds are limited. 
  • Only $10,000 per project will be awarded annually. 
  • Grant recipient must be able to pay 10% grant match.
  • Not all applications will be funded.




  • Multi-level marketing or other home-based businesses may not apply for Jibe grants. 
  • Additional exclusions may apply.