Wave to a neighbor, reconnect with family, tell a funny story, notice a new store, decompress after a long day, take in the trees blooming, pump the legs, rock some new shades. Grab your handlebars and seize the way.

We promote bicycle ridership and accessibility to seasoned cyclists, those new to riding, and everyone in between. Through a variety of programs and projects, we provide education to youth and adults, empower volunteers to gain bike mechanical skills and encourage ridership by fixing individuals' bikes for free.

In addition to our bike program, we advocate for safer and more convenient bike and pedestrian routes in the community. We work with the City of Sacramento, elected officials, developers and advocacy groups to fix issues bicyclists and pedestrians face while navigating North Natomas.

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Fix-It Stations

Mechanical issues slowing you down? Don’t have the right tool for the job?

North Natomas has five – count ‘em, five – public bike repair stations and bike pumps! Called Bike Fix-It Stations, they include a spot to hang your bike, common tools and a bike pump. All Fix-It stations are free to use and located throughout North Natomas. Sponsored by Jibe, each of the five Fix-It Stations were installed in partnership with the organizations where they are located:

· North Natomas Public Library - 4600 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento 95835

· The Club at Natomas Park – 2101 Club Center Dr. Sacramento 95835

· The Heritage Park Clubhouse – 2481 Heritage Park Ln, Sacramento, 95835

· The Westlake Village Clubhouse – 3701 Clubside Ln, Sacramento 95835

· Witter Ranch Park – 3795 Saintsbury Ln, Sacramento 95834

Check out the map to find one near you!

Keep an eye open for lawn signs near each pump. You’ll be back in the saddle in no time!

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Maps & Routes

Riding is best done with others or alone; in the morning or after work; and in most weather conditions. Here are some resources to get you rolling any way you choose.

Ride Together, North Natomas Facebook Group 

North Natomas Bike Map

Request a Paper Bike Map