The Club at NPMA Bike Doc, 9:00 AM - Noon

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bike Doc is pleased to offer basic repair service at no cost to our community.

Before Signing Up: Did you know that about 40% of reported flat tires brought to Bike Doc are really just tires that needed to be pumped up? Please visit any Jibe Fix-It station to pump up your tires before signing up to bring your bike to Bike Doc.

Note: One bike per appointment.

Use this form to reserve a spot or show up day-of for service first come, first served.

Each appointment takes 20 minutes to an hour. Not all issues are fixable by Bike Doc in the repair window. These issues can be referred to a bike shop for in-depth service.

Steps for having your bicycle repaired with Bike Doc:

  1. Sign-up for an appointment time IN ADVANCE here. One bike per appointment. If you have more than one bike you want to be serviced, please sign up for additional appointments. (Limit 4 appointments per person).
  2. Check-in your bike.
  3. Bike Doc will text you when your bicycle is ready for pick-up, OR return in an hour.


  • Cancel your appointment if you can't make it so that someone else can use the service.
  • Be TIMELY – if you come late, you will not be guaranteed a visit.
  • Dust off your bike and pump the tires before your visit.

There is a free Bike Fix-It Station at the Public Library and at locations throughout North Natomas. Please stop by and pump up the air in your tires before dropping your bike off.

The Club at NPMA
2101 Club Center Drive

Select up to 4 appointments: