Schedules & Fare

Jibe Express is a Flag Service. You can stand anywhere along the route to flag the bus if you are in a Flag Zone. In No Flag Zones, you MUST board/exit the bus at a designated Express Spot. AM service runs from North Natomas to Downtown only, and PM service runs from Downtown to North Natomas only.
Click on a time point or Express Spot to view pickup/drop-off times.

Spare the Air Days

Spare the Air Days are no longer free on Jibe Express but you may still be a winner!

Here's what you need to do. First, sign up on Sac Region 511. Once you have an account, join Express Riders network . Log your bus trips. Every Spare the Air Day, Jibe will randomly choose one lucky passenger to win a $25 gift card from select businesses at Sacramento Gateway Shopping Center.

The businesses include: Beach Hut Deli, Chang's Thai, Don Quixote's, Vampire Penguin, Michaels, TJMaxx and Big 5.

A Spare The Air alert in the Sacramento region will be issued when the AQI (Air Quality Index) for ground-level ozone pollution is forecast to reach 126 or above. For more information about air quality in the Sacramento Region go to Spare The Air.


Current Schedule

Map Legend 3-20:
Flag Zone
No Flag Zone
Express Spot
Time Point

Tickets & Fare

Cost: $2 per ride

Fare can be paid with:

  • Cash (exact change only)
  • Jibe Express Tickets
    • Purchase ticket books online
      Tickets ordered online will be mailed at no charge within 1-2 business days.
    • Purchase by mail
    • Purchase in person at our office – we accept cash, credit/debit, personal checks, and transit checks/vouchers/cards.
      1918 Del Paso Rd, Ste 100
      Sacramento, CA 95834
  • Connect Card – Jibe Express accepts Connect Card cash value only. When you tap your Connect Card on the bus, $2 will be deducted from your balance.
    • Purchase a Connect Card online
    • Purchase in person at our office – we accept cash, credit/debit, personal checks, and transit checks/vouchers/cards.
      1918 Del Paso Rd, Ste 100
      Sacramento, CA 95834


Service is suspended on:

New Year's Day Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, January 19, 2019
Presidents Day Monday, February 18, 2019
Memorial Day Monday, May 27, 2019
Independence Day Thursday, July 4, 2019
Labor Day Monday, September 2, 2019
Veterans' Day Monday, November 11, 2019
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 28, 2019
Day After Thanksgiving Friday, November 29, 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Jibe Express FAQ

How do I ride?
Riders may flag a Jibe Express bus at any safe location along its route in North Natomas, marked by a dotted line on the route maps. Time points on the schedule help you predict when the bus will pass your street. Hail the bus when you see it approach and wait in a location that allows the driver to safely pull over to the right to pick you up. To help keep things running on time, group together if you see other riders nearby. There is no flagging along the routes in areas marked by a solid line on the maps.

There is no flagging downtown, riders must board at a designated stop.

Can I bring food and drink on Jibe Express?
Drinks are allowed in lidded containers. Riders may bring snacks as long as they do not leave crumbs, grease, or trash behind.

Are passengers allowed to stand while riding Jibe Express?
Only if there are no available seats.

What happens if I ride Jibe Express to work and I need to get home for an emergency or due to illness?
We offer an Emergency Ride Home for all Commuter Club commuters who use a commute alternative (e.g., Jibe Express, Sac RT, bike, walk, carpool or vanpool).

Is Jibe Express accommodating to passengers with disabilities?
Our buses are ADA equipped and can accommodate up to two wheelchairs.

How can I see if my bus is running on schedule?
SacRT's Tracker service can provide real-time information on bus locations and expected arrivals – including Jibe Express – on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or even by e-mail or text message. Start at on your computer or on your mobile device.

Is there a Park-and-Ride lot option?
Yes, the Eastside Route services the Park-and-Ride lot offered by SacRT at the Natomas Marketplace, in front of Ross.

What if I have left something on the bus?
Although we cannot be responsible for any personal belongings, we will make an effort to return left items to their owners. As soon as possible, call us at 916-419-9955 to report the missing item.

How is Jibe Express funded?
We are funded through rider fares, community facilities district fees and grants.

Can I transfer to a SacRT train or bus with my shuttle ticket?
Jibe Express tickets are not valid for transfer to any other transit service.

Can I buy a monthly pass for Jibe Express?
Monthly passes are not available.

How do I pay my fare on Jibe Express with a Connect Card?
Load "Cash Value" onto your Connect Card. When you board the bus, tap your Connect Card on the yellow target below the screen of the Connect Card reader. Your transit fare will be deducted from your card's balance. A green or yellow screen and a light beep will indicate that your Connect Card has been accepted.

Where can I get a Connect Card?
You can get a Connect Card at the Jibe office or at

Does everybody have to use a Connect Card?
Most customers will use the Connect Card to pay their transit fare, although individuals can still use paper tickets or cash at this time.

What do I do with Jibe Express paper tickets if I switch to the Connect Card?
Utilize your paper tickets before switching to the Connect Card. You must use paper tickets prior to the printed expiration date.

Can I transfer the value of Jibe Express paper tickets to my Connect Card?
No, Express tickets cannot be uploaded to a Connect Card. We advise you to use all your paper tickets and then begin using the Connect Card.

Can I load my transit checks onto my Connect Card?
Transit checks can be loaded onto a Connect Card at one of the participating Customer Service Centers, including the Jibe office.

What do I do if I ride two systems? How do transfers work with the Connect Card?
All existing fare structures and transfer agreements between participating transit agencies are already programmed in the Connect Card's system. Just as some paper passes are accepted by multiple transit agencies (e.g., a SacRT Monthly Pass can be used on Yolobus) and regular transit passes can be upgraded (e.g. SacRT + El Dorado Commuter Joint Monthly Pass) the Connect Card will recognize and validate multi-transit tickets/passes loaded onto the Connect Card.

Jibe Express does not currently have transfer agreements with any other transit agencies.