Business Programs

Some of the ways we can assist local businesses with transportation programs and options.

Commuter Tax Incentives

The Federal tax code allows the use of tax-free dollars to pay for transit commuting and parking costs through employer-sponsored programs. Commuter tax benefits are regulated by the Internal Revenue Code, Section 132(f)–Qualified Transportation Fringe. For the year, the tax code allows tax-free transportation fringe benefits of up to $260 per month per employee for transit expenses and up to $260 per month for qualified parking.

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Transportation Improvement Grants

Need a bike rack for your customers? Maybe an electric vehicle charging station for your employees? Grants are available for up to $10,000!

The North Natomas Transportation Improvement Grant (TIG) Program is designed to support North Natomas businesses in creating innovative solutions to transportation problems. The program is open to North Natomas business owners, property owners and property managers.

Possible improvement ideas include:

  • Bike racks

  • Retail incentives for walkers and bikers

  • Walkways

  • Crosswalks

  • Transportation themed art

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Bike clinics

  • A project of your own devising

Vanpools and Carpools

Sharing the ride will save employees time and money, reduce stress levels, and help ease traffic congestion.


Employees can locate open seats in existing vanpools through the Commuter Club vanpool listings.

We can also help establish new vanpools for your employees. Contact the Jibe office for more details at 916-419-9955.


Employees can seek a carpool partner by registering in the Commuter Club Ridematch System.