Telecommuting Resources

Jibe supports telecommuting as a way to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle miles traveled and has gathered resources that support working from home.


Seize the Way! Depending on your starting point, use these guides and get going.


Getting Started?

Use our guide to focus on six critical questions.

Jibe's Quick Start Guide to Working Remotely

Thinking Long Term?

When you are ready for more, dive deeper.

LifeLabs Complete Remote Work Playbook


Teleconference Time?

We researched teleconferencing services so you don't have to.

Jibe's Teleconference Services Comparison

Task Management Tools

Choose the best system for your team.

Jibe's Comparison of Task Management Tools


Additionally, Jibe has expanded the scope of its Transportation Improvement Grant (TIG) Program to include resources to enable or expand upon telework. Learn more about the TIG Program and apply for funding here